The High Tatras

The High Tatras Mountains, the pearl of the Slovak countryside, extend over the north of the country. The peaks rise steeply over the Liptov, Poprad, and Spiš basins. The main ridge is 26 km long and more than twenty peaks are higher than 2500 m above the sea level. Although its total area is only 260 km2 a very characteristic Alpine world exists there. There are 32 Tatra valleys, all of glacial origin, and in most of them there is at least one tarn, called ”pleso”. It greatly enhances the charm of the wild rocky valleys.

The mountain range is divided into eastern (the High Tatras) and western sections (the West Tatras). The tallest peak is Gerlach, spiking to a summit at 2655 meters above sea level.

The High Tatras offers many facilities for individual tours into valleys, to mountain chalets, and peaks along well-marked paths. Good footwear and warm clothes with raincoats are required. There are three main tourist centers in the High Tatras: Staršovec, Tatranská Lomnica, and Štrbské Pleso. Each season of the year in the Tatras has its particular spell but autumn, when the conference will be held, is the most delightful season when the weather usually is stable.


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